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Nearly all of us have to pitch or present our ideas, whether in a formal setting after lunch to a hundred jaded salespeople, in a lecture theatre or classroom, putting over our thoughts to a team of colleagues, or even selling a concept one-on-one to your boss.

In all these situations we can choose between delivering a message that sounds like muzak, or one that wakes the listener up. Most presentations and pitches could benefit from being ‘rocked up’ – becoming more dynamic and memorable, in ways that arouse the passion of the audience. By applying the ideas in ROCK YOUR PRESENTATION you can deliver better, livelier and more emotionally engaging talks which leave audiences with the kind of high you get from being in a crowd at a great concert.

Barlow applies the rock’n’roll metaphor throughout the book, turning what, to many, is a stressful subject into an exciting and fun exercise you can’t wait to try out. So take the Van Halen approach to planning your presentation, deliver it like a hit song with a chorus and a bridge, play a few well-rehearsed power chords and set your audience ablaze.


Nigel Barlow approaches the subject of presenting in a fresh and interesting way with plenty of practical tips and advice. While we can all hum along to a hundred songs, he shows clearly why so many talks are so forgettable - and how to make them work.
Benjamin Ball, Director of Benjamin Ball Associates
Rock Your Presentation by Nigel Barlow is a book that is much more than the sum of its parts. It is a book that uses a metaphor for its inspiration and its structure, but unlike so many books like that, the metaphor works and never grows tired. Even without the 'it', the content is golden and reading it reminds me of hearing a Beatles album for the first time at age 14.
Jim Harvey, MD, The Message Business
A fresh and incisive work on injecting passion into your presentations
Scottish Business Insider