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ebook / ISBN-13: 9780349411859

Price: £10.99

ON SALE: 7th April 2016

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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For the past forty years, Richard Koch has worked to uncover simple and elegant principles which govern business success. To qualify, a principle must be so overwhelmingly powerful that anyone can reliably apply it to generate extraordinary results.

Working with venture capitalist Greg Lockwood and supported by specially commissioned research from OC&C Strategy Consultants, Koch has now found one elemental principle that unites extraordinarily valuable companies: simplifying. Some firms simplify on price – consider budget flights stripped of all extras that still take you from A to B – creating new, huge mass markets for their wares. Others, such as Apple, simplify their proposition, bringing a beautifully easy-to-use product or service to a large premium market.

How can your business become a simplifier? With case studies of some of the most famous firms of the last hundred years, from finance to fast food, this enlightening book shows how to analyse any company’s potential to simplify, and enrich the world.


It's a devastating insight. The key to global business success is to simplify a company's offering. To make it easier, more useful, more appealing. Koch and Lockwood make a compelling case, in this must-have book.
Lord Chris Smith, Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge University
I've read countless business books and attended dozens of business conferences and mastermind groups. But nothing has been as powerful for shaping the vision for my business as Simplify. All ambiguity has disappeared since I learned the Simplify model! True to its name, it's a very simple model for identifying a clear path for growth, providing a frame in which all other business knowledge and decisions can snap into place
Susan Kruger, M.Ed., CEO of SOAR Learning, Inc.
When the godfather of 80/20 speaks, we should all pause to listen. In Simplify, Richard Koch reveals the formula followed by history's most successful businesses to transform industries and sell billions. What industry will you revolutionize?
Tim Francis, Founder of ProfitFactory.com and NYU Guest Lecturer
A remarkable job - not only in explaining the principle, but in walking the talk: the book is simple too. Great stories, great ideas, and lots of practical advice for managers and entrepreneurs
Professor Andrew Campbell, Ashridge Strategic Management Center
Whether fast food, furniture or Ford, only Richard Koch could take timeless ideas from history's greatest companies and simplify them so well that any entrepreneur, young or old, could grasp them easily. One can only wonder how many great new companies like Slack, Stripe, and Square are proving themselves ahead of their time by tapping into these grand ideas on proposition simplification
Shawn D. Madden, Founder and Ambassador of Underdog Sports Leagues
This book opened my eyes to the powerful idea of simplicity. My small business has doubled over the last year by applying the principles it teaches. Richard's genius is observing the principle, distilling it down to its simplest components, and communicating it simply
Damon Janis, Co-founder Dentma
Koch practises what he preaches. He simplifies the essence of Bruce Henderson and Michael Porter for a much wider audience.
Dr Peter Johnson, Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford University
There are few books and even fewer concepts that can truly revolutionize a business, a product and an industry. Richard Koch's Simplify is a book that will forever change the landscape of business. It is strategy on steroids, with a twist. Now, with this book as your guide, you too can achieve extraordinary results and positioning in the market place you serve. Don't just read this book; study it, then master it!
George Contos, CEO of World Wide Metric and author of <i>Growing Up Metric</i>
If you are in any doubt about the value of simplifying your business, read this book. Every time I dip into it, I realise there is more that I can and must do. This book provides you with the tools and inspiration to simplify your business and enjoy success more quickly
Nancy Slessenger, Founder and CEO Vinehouse