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A step-by-step guide to painting a Chilean Flamingo watercolour


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How to build yourself back up after trauma

In this article, editor-in-chief of ELLE UK, Farrah Storr, outlines a powerful method to help overcome trauma. One of the ways I confront trauma is through what psychotherapists and psychologists call ‘exposure therapy’. It is […]

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How to start exercising

With the new year comes newfound motivation to improve our health and wellbeing. If done right, introducing exercise into your routine can be completely life changing. When you start exercising, within ten minutes, your body […]

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How to avoid a rough hangover

The festive season is notorious for excessive alcohol consumption, very often followed by a splitting headache and the promise that ‘I am never drinking again’. Until, of course, the next time. January often brings the […]

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How to cut calories during the festive season

The festive season is notorious as a time for indulgence and overeating, but it is possible to both enjoy good food and eat healthily through the food swap method. Where food swapping differs from other […]

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How to understand statistics

When was the last time you read a controversial statement, accompanied by a ‘convincing’ number, and wondered whether it could really be true? Statistics are vital in helping us tell stories and yet in recent […]

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How to ditch fast fashion

Not so very long ago clothes were relatively expensive for everyone. Decisions about what to buy were made carefully, and most people didn’t have a vast wardrobe of clothes that might be worn only for […]

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