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At School with Dyslexia resources: Learning style questionnaire

1. Questions for the auditory learning channel Are you a listening-type learner? Yes,  usually No, not really
Do you like to listen to the teacher to help you understand a subject?    
Do you like to have background music or sounds to help you concentrate when you are doing homework or studying?    
Are you good at remembering song lyrics?      
Do you like to speak out loud to yourself what you are reading and writing?    
Do you like talking about a topic in class with your teacher and other students?    
Do you like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks?      
Do you like to have diagrams and graphs explained to you?      
Do you find it more difficult to concentrate when there is silence?      
Do you like to read instructions out loud to help you understand them?    
Do you like to sing or talk to yourself?      
2. Questions for the visual learning channel Are you a visual-type learner? Yes, usually No, not really
Do you like to make pictures and diagrams to take in something you are learning?    
Are you good at remembering directions and finding your way around a new place?    
Do you like subjects where you can draw maps, graphs and diagrams?      
Are you good at visualising an object in 3D, like a cube or a building?    
Do you enjoy using colour and highlighters in your learning?      
Do you create an image in your head to help you remember something?      
Can you picture where you saw a diagram or paragraph in a textbook, like in the bottom left-hand corner of a page?    
Do you like to watch YouTube videos to get your head around a topic?      
Do you like learning about a subject when the teacher uses diagrams and videos?    
Do you often remember faces but forget names?      
3. Questions for the kinaesthetic-tactile learning channel Are you a doing, making, touching-type learner? Yes, usually No, not really
Do you find it difficult to sit still for very long?      
Do you like to fidget with objects when you are reading or listening?      
Do you like to write down things you want to remember? (not writing it out ten times – that doesn’t work and is a waste of energy)    
Do you like to walk around when you are thinking or learning?      
Do you enjoy subjects where you are active and working with objects?      
Do you like taking things apart and putting them back together, and fixing things, like a bike?    
Do you like to doodle when listening to a teacher in class?      
Are you good at remembering the moves you make, like in sports or dance?    
Do you like making things with craft materials, baking and cooking or using tools of various kinds?    
Do you like to touch objects rather than just look at them?      

Add up your ticks for ‘Yes, usually’ and complete the table

Learning Channel Auditory Visual Kinaesthetic / tactile