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How to eat seasonally

It’s said that, at any one time, one in five women in the UK is on a diet. These diets obviously aren’t working otherwise we wouldn’t be in a situation where 57 per cent of women in the UK are overweight or obese. We still follow them, hoping that each new fad will be the diet that finally makes us happy. Spoiler alert: losing weight will not guarantee happiness. Being content with what you have and treating your body with kindness and gratitude will. So let’s take a look at exercise instead. If we were to believe all we saw in magazines and on social media, then we might think the number of women exercising is on the up. The reality is that only 10 per cent of adults in the UK play sport regularly and that 44 per cent do no moderate physical activity at all. Despite knowing more than we’ve ever known about the importance of eating well and exercising, we are simply not managing to do so. This needs to change!


Hollie Grant (author of The Model Method: Recipes, HIIT and Pilates exercises for lifelong wellness) is an ex-chef and believes that a strong, functional, flexible body is the key to lifelong wellness and you can get one if you do three simple things: Nourish, Strengthen and Sweat! The book is full of exercises you can do and straightforward exercise plans to get your body moving plus some gorgeous, healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks which will do your body the world of good.


One really simple way to improve the nutrients you’re getting from food is to eat seasonally. But who can remember what is in season each month? Well now you don’t have to, just use Hollie’s simple guide. Pin it on your fridge for inspiration!