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Healing the energies of your home

Healing energy

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or have been experiencing stress and negative thoughts, your home can accumulate negative energies. David Furlong, author of Working with Earth Energies explains how you can tap into the healing powers of the natural world.


Extracted from Working with Earth Energies:


Disturbed energies

All human activity generates an influence that flows out from us like the ripples formed when a pebble is thrown into a pond. Most of the time these energies are inconsequential in that they do not create any real problems. They can be beneficial to the planet and our environment if our intentions are good; however, we only have to look around our world to realise that in some instances very disturbed energy patterns have been and are still being created, such as those produced by warfare and killing. In the fullness of time all these disturbed energies will need to be cleansed and rebalanced, but this will not happen overnight because this type of cleansing work is quite specialist and, in the more severe cases, is best tackled by a group of people rather than a single individual.


Today, we will look at the range of problems that you might confront and how you can start to effectively balance, albeit in a small way, some of the traumas that have been created by human beings on this planet.


Balancing the energy of your home

A good place to start this process in your own home, discovering what is contained there and then balancing its vibrations. This will not only help your home environment but also all the people who live there, including you.
Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine yourself walking around your house, asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do the rooms seem energetically?
  • Which rooms or parts of rooms do not feel quite balanced?

When I have asked my students to carry out this exercise for themselves, it has been surprising how often they recognise some problem that they had only been dimly conscious of before.


If you ‘feel’ your way into the energy of each room in turn you will start to build up a picture, which either feels right or seems problematic in some way. If you are unsure, visualise a pair of scales. Do they balance? If not (which indicates that something is wrong), you can make a metnal note of where you sense the problems lie.


Sensing disturbed energies

Everybody is individual, so no two people will get exactly the same response when tuning into the subtle energies of a room or building. Here are a few basic questions that you can ask yourself.

  • Does the room or any part of it feel cold?
  • Do I get any uncomfortable sensations?
  • Do I experience any unpleasant smells?
  • Are there any signs of damp, mould, leaks or dirt?
  • Do I inwardly see any disturbed images, strange faces or ugly or ugly forms?
  • Do I hear any strange noises or see apparitions?
  • Does the room feel heavy or claustrophobic?
  • Do I feel fear or sense the hairs on my head/neck standing up?

All these are examples of what you might experience or feel if the subtle energy is disturbed in any way.


Let us assume to being with that there is no major difficulty with any of the rooms in your home but that you just wish to clear the influences of the previous occupants of the property and to place a bright new energy there which reflects you. Remember that all mental and emotional activity leaves a trace. If emotional problems have been part of the experience of your home, through its previous occupants, the subtle energies left behind will continue to haunt you. Feng shui consultants, when moving home, will often demand information on the lives of the previous occupants before committing themselves to a purchase for this very reason. The good news is that you do not need to be affected in this way, for whatever has been generated by human thought can be changed, cleansed and balanced by human thought.


Mental tools and weapons

Learning to harness your thought power for healing and self-development is rather like going into a mental gymnasium. You will perhaps be relieved to know that this does not require hours of meditation, although the meditative exercises that have been outlined in this book are important for honing your skills. What is needed is that you use your mind in a positive yang way to tackle areas of imbalance that manifest themselves around you. To help this process there are a number of imaginary tools or weapons that you can visualise yourself possessing which will help with these tasks. This is why a rich imagination is helpful.


One of these is the sword, although Harry Potter fans might prefer a magic wand. An imagined sword or wand pointed at an object is a simple way of focusing and directing your thoughts in a concentrated beam. In this context the Star Wars movies provide some real insight into how ‘thought’, the power of the ‘Force’, can be used either creatively or destructively.


To clear and reset the energy of a room you will need to use the sword in combination with the element of fire – in other words to imagine that you have in your hand a flaming sword. Those who have studied mythology will know that this is one of the symbols of the archangel Michael, so by calling on certain magical implements you are also aligning yourself with specific spiritual energies.


My early training took place well before the days of Star Wars, so the ‘flaming sword’ has always been quite natural to me, but I know that some of my students today prefer to imagine that they have a ‘light sabre’. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are holding a ‘flaming sword’ or a ‘light sabre’ in your hand. How does this fee? Whichever you use, it is important to remember that fire is the primary cleansing and transforming element within the elemental kingdom and its power will remove any negative energies with which it comes into contact.


The following exercise can be carried out in your mind alone or you can perform it in a more direct way, by going into the room in question and physically acting out the different elements. Both work equally well. Some people like to put enormous effort into creating rituals of cleansing which involve the use of incense, physical implements, such as an actual sword, and so on. This might help set the mood but it is entirely unnecessary.


There are many advantages to working through the mind alone, not least because it means that you can always respond immediately whenever your energies are required. You are not dependent on complicated rituals to carry out your healing work. It is also quite possible to cleanse and balance the energies of places from a distance. Indeed, you have probably recognised already that neither time nor space impose any barrier to the power of thought.


If you think of someone or some place, you immediately create a connection with them; the link is opened up instantly, and the only impediment to effecting an exchange of energy is the limitations imposed on your thought power by your beliefs. As the Christian proverb goes, if you have faith you can move mountains.


For more than 25 years, David Furlong has researched into leys and earth mysteries. He regularly takes groups to Egypt and other sacred sites around the world. His book Working with Earth Energies is out now.