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How To Make Baby Food Using Your Food Processor

As a new family, there are lots of things to remember and learn with a new child, and that includes baby food. With so many options available to buy on the shelf, it can be difficult to know which ones are the right ones. However, just because you can see shelves of jars lined up in the shops, does not mean to say you can’t go organic. Did you even know there were actual recipes for baby food out there? Yep, they really exist and can be done from the comfort of your own home using a food processor or blender – even a fancy pants cuisinart. Whichever kitchenaid you do use, you’ll never look at a food mixer in quite the same way again….

1) Pureed Vegetables
– Prepare all the vegetables by cleaning and peeling where appropriate
– Check which vegetables can be used whole (Brussels sprouts) and which ones will need separating (broccoli and cauliflower) or sliced and diced (carrots).
– Boil or steam the vegetables using a little water on the hob first to soften.
– Once soft and tender, transfer into the food processor and puree with a little cooking water.
 To remove the skins from cooked peas, push through a sieve.

2) Roast dinners
–  Put lean meats into small sections and out into the food processor bowl.
– Add unsalted mashed or boiled potatoes.
–  Next, pop in a selection of cooked vegetables like carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, spring greens or green beans.
– Make sure there are more vegetables than meat.
– Add a little cooking water from the vegetables that have been boiling or steaming on the hob.
– Switch on your food processor and whizz until you have reached the desired smoothness, depending on your baby’s age.
– It is completely normal for some food and puree to get trapped up the sides. If this happens, stop the machine and scrape down with a flexible spatula or spoon.
– Add more water if necessary.
: Do not use gravy, any seasoned sauces or gammon, as they contain far too much salt for a baby.

3) Pureed apples and pears
i) Apple puree:

– Peel core and slice some dessert apples.
– Cook gently in a little water until the apples become tender.
– Transfer to the food processor and whizz into a puree with a little cooking water until you have reached the right level of smoothness.
 Cooking apples such as Bramley apples are too sour to use.
ii) Pear puree
– Peel and quarter some ripe pears and remove the tiny central core.
– Chop each quarter into 4 or 5 pieces.
– Cook gently in a little water until tender.
– Transfer to the food processor and whizz into a puree with a little cooking water until you have reached the right level of smoothness.

For more great recipes to use in your food processor, read: Making the Most of Your Food Processor: How to produce soups, spreads, purees, cakes, pastries and all kinds of savoury treats (£9.99, Spring Hill) by Sue Simkins