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How To Organise A Car Boot Sale

A car boot sale is the perfect way to get rid of some of your old junk whilst helping you earn some extra cash at the same time. If you need to clear some space in your home, or just want a spring clean, a car boot sale is great as you can work from home (you don’t even need to leave your living room as you sort through all your unwanted or unused bits). Car boot sales are a super easy way of making money, as all you need is a car, some stuff to sell and a positive attitude. Want to get money fast by selling your unused items? Here’s how…

1) Have a clear out
There comes a time for everybody at some point in their lives when they have too many things – some of which simply have to go. Rather then clutter taking up space in your home, sell it on to someone else. What you might class as rubbish, someone else will see as a gem.
Reasons to de-clutter your home include:
–  Moving house
–  Inherited or items passed down from relatives
–  Down-sizing
–  Growing children, meaning unwanted clothes and toys
–  Special interests and hobbies are not so interesting anymore – or you can no longer physically do them
–  Too many unworn clothes and shoes
–  Getting together with – or splitting from – a partner

2) Do your research
Some councils have certain policies for holding boot fairs. Some want all the money to go to charitable causes, some won’t put them on at all and if they do, they want plenty of notice. There will always be at least one on in your local area, but if you don’t mind driving, it’s worth searching online for the busiest and best boot sales.

3) Be prepared
Car boot sales start very early – some as early as 6am – and there will be queues! Make sure you get up early to load the car (or do it the night before) so you’re ready for the day ahead. Have a float of cash (there’ll always be someone who pays with a note) and your ‘seller’ fee money (some boot fairs charge £10 per car – but don’t worry, you can easily make that back!) Lastly, bring carrier bags. If buyers see bags, they’re more likely to buy more bits.

4) Bring a friend
Aside from making the day more fun having someone you love by your side, it also helps for practical reasons, like taking a toilet break or handling the big crowd that’ll no doubt form around your table wanting a look at all the goodies!

5) Look out for the mob
These are the type of buyers who pounce on you, trying to look through your items before you’ve even unloaded the car. Don’t be put off, just keep your boot locked when unpacking each box and be firm with them that they can have a look when the stall is properly set up.

6) Don’t be afraid to haggle
Everyone loves a bargain, but if you think something is worth more than a buyer is willing to pay, stick to your guns with the price you have earmarked. You need to make a profit at the end of the day and just because they might say no, there might be someone right behind them who is willing to pay the price.

7) Stock your shelf right
If you are selling clothes – be it your own or baby clothes – and have some designer or even just top quality clothing, make sure you stack them at the front of your rail/display where people can see, as it will encourage them to browse.

8) Enjoy it
Whether you make £200 or whether you make £20, it’s all about the experience and getting rid of some of your old bits. Boot fairs vary in success, but you won’t know how well you could do unless you try!

For more helpful tips and advice, read: How to Make Money at Car Boot Sales: Insider tips and practical advice on how to buy and sell at boot fairs (£8.99, Robinson) by Giles Chapman.