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How to shake up your money mindset and attract more of it into your life

What if you could attract more money just by changing how you think? In The Money Is Coming, Sarah Akwisombe, founder of No Bull Business School, gives you an easy-to-follow, ten step system to manifest more money into your life. In this article she shows you how to shake up your money mindset and attract more of it into your life.

I used to think that, if I wanted to make £100,000, I simply needed to strategise and work out a plan for how I could hustle my way to getting those one hundred thousand sweet British pounds in my account. When I thought about it, I saw action, energy, wheeling, dealing and working my ass off. If I’m honest, the energy that I associated with making that money almost seemed like it would feel quite exploitative. It also felt strangely masculine. Maybe I still associate making top dollar with being a dude, but that’s for another session with my psychoanalyst.

None of my thinking about making £100k involved me focusing inwards or reflecting on the kind of mindset I’d need to have. It was all outward. What could I sell? Who could I sell to? For how much?

This makes logical sense, right? You want to make money? Well, then, you need to work out how to make it! That was what I thought.

Now, I’m not saying that working out the logistics of making money is not part of it. But it’s not the most important part. The most important part isn’t talked about that much, because it can be really fucking hard. Almost harder than the actual going-out-there-and-hustling part.

But I can guarantee that the hustling won’t work unless you do this first:

Focus inwardly.

Let me fill you in on a well-kept secret about making money. The amount you can make is directly affected by what you believe you can make. It sounds so airy-fairy, right? A fluffy statement. But this, my friends, is some deeply profound shit. And this deeply profound shit is step one towards reaching the money you want to make.

This first step is convincing yourself that you are the type of person who can make that kind of money. It’s about starting to believe that you can do it. Yep, you. You deserve – and can have – that £100k (or whatever number it is for you).

This is where our subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs can come into play, because, no matter how much we might be able to visualise our future wealthy life, or envision ourselves in ten years’ time on a yacht in the Mediterranean, if your subconscious is going, ‘Nah, mate, don’t believe it,’ then it isn’t going to happen.

Time and time again I have seen this happen, not only to myself but to the many business owners and creatives I work with. The easiest way for me to demonstrate this is with pricing. I know a lot of small business owners and some of these are service providers. I often look at their pricing structure and pull them up on the fact that they’re not charging enough for their services. I don’t just mean that they’re not charging enough by the market rates, but also that they’re not charging enough based on the value I can clearly see they are adding to their clients’ lives in doing the work they do. But I’m often met with resistance about increasing prices. ‘My client won’t go for that,’ they say. What they really mean is, ‘I don’t believe that I can charge that much. I don’t know if what I offer is good enough and I don’t want to piss off my clients by increasing my prices because then they will really start picking through what I’m doing and realise that it’s crap. I am crap.’

I’ve heard this from many people, and I have never once thought that anything they were doing was crap – I’m sure none of their clients did, either. But this lack of belief in themselves and what they can charge is prominent. It’s a funny thing, money. It has an energy, whether you’re talking about it, spending it or owing it. It has some mega- force energy that is hard to put into words, but you just KNOW what I’m talking about. The hold it has over you when you owe someone money, or the joy you feel when you have enough cash to pay your bills and still have some left over to treat yourself to something. Money has got some serious big dick energy.

Maybe it’s because the world and society as we know it is built on money. Who knows? But because that energy is there, you need to harness it for your own good. You must train yourself to believe that you are a person worthy of money, and that you can get the money you want.

Find out more about how to manifest more money and free yourself of restrictive money attitudes in Sarah Akwisombe’s The Money is Coming