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How to make homemade chutney for a Christmas hamper

Why not make your own homemade hamper this Christmas? You can tailor your hamper to your friends and family perfectly, by making your own homemade chutney. Fill a simple basket with some festive paper and add your chutney, along with crackers and wine, for a gift they’ll truly love. Whether you’re catering to a sweet tooth, or someone who prefers their savoury treats, we have your back. We have included a variety of ingredient combinations so you can add your own personal touch. Simply follow these basic recipes with your chosen ingredients for the perfect addition to your hamper.


homemade chutney

Indian chutney ingredients
1.8kg (4 lb) apples
100g (4 oz) onions
900g (2 lb) sultanas
20g (¾ oz) salt
1¼kg (2½ lb) soft brown sugar,
1.15 litres (2 pints) brown malt vinegar
50g (2 oz) ground ginger
1 teaspoonful cayenne
25g (1 oz) ground mustard


Apple chutney ingredients

2¾kg (6 lb) apples
450g (1 lb) onions
450g (1 lb) sultanas
28g (1 oz) salt
1.4kg (3 lb) sugar
1¾ litres (3 pints) vinegar
28g (1 oz) ground ginger
¾ teaspoonful cayenne.
Yield: 4½–5kg (10–11 lb).


Tomato (red) ingredients

1.8kg (4 lb) tomatoes
100g (4 oz) onions
15g (lb oz) salt
225g (½ lb) white sugar
300ml (½ pint) white vinegar
1 teaspoonful each of cayenne, cloves and ginger (or mace).
Yield: 1.6–1.8kg (3½–4 lb).


Blackberry chutney ingredients

2¾kg (6 lb) blackberries
675g (1½ lb) apples
900g (2 lb) onions
75g (3 oz) salt
900g (2 lb) brown sugar
1.15 litres (2 pints) brown malt vinegar
50g (2 oz) ground ginger
1 teaspoonful cayenne
2 tablespoonfuls mustard
1½ teaspoonfuls powdered mace.
(Pips should be removed by passing the cooked blackberries through a sieve).
Yield: 3½–4kg (8–9 lb).



  1. Select and prepare the fruits and/or vegetables.
  2. Chop or mince finely. (This is considered the best way but some people may prefer a coarse chutney with medium or large pieces.)
  3. Place in a pan with whole spices in a muslin bag or ground spices (usually preferred), plus the other ingredients as per the recipe, e.g. onion, raisins, dates (not sugar), and just cover with vinegar.
  4. Put the lid on the pan and simmer gently until all the ingredients are soft. The secret is slow and long cooking, perhaps for 1–4 hours.
  5. Dissolve the sugar in the remaining vinegar and add to the cooked mixture.
  6. Cook gently (with the lid off the pan), stir frequently until the consistency is that of jam (remembering that chutney when it cools becomes thicker than when it was hot)
  7. Transfer without delay to hot jars to within 1cm (½ in) of the top. Seal airtight.
  8. Label and store away in a cool, dark, dry place for at least two months.

You’ve made your own homemade chutney, so why stop there? Add a personal touch to your jar by adding a handwritten label with a personal note, along with some festive Christmas ribbon.

The perfect addition to a Christmas feast, these delicious and easy to make chutney recipes are the perfect way to help get your loved ones into the Christmas spirit!