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Walkactive – the perfect exercise for easy, year-round fitness

As we enjoy the last days of summer and those cool early mornings signal that autumn is on its way, many of us wonder how to keep fit over the winter, when the motivation to exercise is not so strong. Joanna Hall’s Walkactive Programme provides the perfect answer.


The programme is accessible, easy to fit into your day and you can do it anywhere. And if you’re thinking that walking isn’t going to make much of a difference, you couldn’t be more wrong. Joanna’s Walkactive Programme has been scientifically verified to enhance posture, promote weight loss and improve body shape. And you could start to see results in as little as two weeks, no matter what your current level of fitness is.


Here, Joanna tells us why Walkactive works and briefly summarises what the technique involves.


So how can something as simple as walking be so effective? The answer lies in the fact that the vast majority of us walk wrong. We use the wrong muscles, in the wrong way and at the wrong time – and we lose out on the amazing body benefits of walking. I call Walkactive ‘intelligent exercise’ because it realigns your body from the inside out.


Most people assume that they have to do something really vigorous such as jogging, or a gym class for an hour three times per week, if they want to see results. They start regimes with the best intentions, but then real life kicks in – social events, family commitments, long hours at work, endless chores, dark nights closing in and so on. And things tend to slip. Before they know it, their amazing new regime is ‘broken’ and they are back into their old, bad habits again. They feel like they’ve failed.

If this sounds familiar to you, I’m not surprised. But Walkactive is different. It is not a ‘regime’– it’s a way of life. It is about changing your habits in a very manageable way. It can bring you all the body benefits of a strong workout –and more – with none of the pain, boredom or enforced routines.


Walkactive will ensure you…


Use the right muscles

It teaches you to use the muscles in the front of your legs less and those at the back of your leg and bottom more.

Result: improved muscle tone all over your body and more effective fat burning.


Use your muscles in the right way

This means minimising the movements (muscle contractions) that make your muscles grow shorter. Instead you contract your muscles as they lengthen.

Result: your muscles become leaner, longer and more taut.


Use your muscles at the right time

Contracting all your muscles at the same time as you exercise creates tension, compresses some parts of the body and limits your range of motion. Walkactive teaches you how to contract your muscles at the right time – relaxing them before they contract again.

Result: a smooth and fluid way of moving that does not put pressure or strain on joints.


Use your muscles in the right sequence

The last piece in the jigsaw is learning to contract your muscles in the right sequence.

Result: when your muscles move in the correct sequence you walk in a smooth, fluid way, with the correct postural alignment, using your muscles to their full potential – you will feel like you are gliding.


This might all sound very technical but once you’ve learned the technique it’s straightforward. You’ll also find a taster of the technique in the related article, ‘Walk off those extra Easter calories with Walkactive’. Joanna also discusses her technique in the Mail on Sunday on 11 September and you’ll find detailed instructions and guidance in her book Joanna Hall’s Walkactive Programme.